Blue Wake Up Energy

Blue Wake Up Energy

Use this Blue Wake Up Energy App for Focus, Vitality, and More!

Achieve the vital health and vigor you desire. This Wake Up Energy App will boost your alertness in three ways:

1. The two shades of blue light slow your melatonin production, thus helping you to feel more awake and alert.

2. Each time you tap the screen, you get a positive affirmation. This cheers you up, increases your confidence, and fills you with energy.

3. In the background, you hear the upbeat song "Today is the Best Day". The healing and lifting words will help you to make each day YOUR best day! You can also choose your own song from your device, if you prefer.

Download our Free PDF Report below, on How to Use the Wake Up Energy App!  Just put your first name and primary email below to learn how to block blue light at night, and how to GET more blue light when you want to be awake and alert.  Get your sleep rhythms in harmony for the BEST health and vitality.

Use this app in the morning, on cloudy days, or in boring meetings, to wake you up! If you are in a meeting, turn your sound down.

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If you'd like to read more about the science of blue light suppressing melatonin and increasing alertness, read this article in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

For thousands of years, our circadian rhythms have remained in sync with the earth's day and night rhythm. One major signal is the blue sky in the day time, signaling our bodies that it's time to be awake.

On a bright sunny day, go outside and get your blue that way! There are many other benefits found outside. But when you wake up before the sunrise, use this app to help you out. During cloudy days, or foggy or smoggy days, this app can help your brain know that it's daytime - time to be awake and alert!

And you also get the positive affirmations and the song. Get more uplifting Free Mind Power Books and Audios Here.

The upbeat and energizing song used for the background of the Wake Up App is "Today is the Best Day". This song was created by Richard Webb of Transformational Songs and is used by permission.

Get your own Free Transformational Song right here - "Abundance Exceeds Expectations"

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